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Beside our mission of importing the freshest fruits and vegs, we offer a logistic service, with our cold warehouse, fridges at different temperatures, all the equipment to pallettize and put together any kind of goods and a fleet of new refrigerated lorries.

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Accepting good in

our platform

You take your stuff  to our platform based in Italy, in Milan Fruit and Veg Market.

We accept your goods 24/7


We store your goods in different locations, as requested: room temperatures are from 4°C up to 10°C.

Bulding the pallets

As soon as the goods arrive at the platform, they are palletised immediately and kept in cool rooms at controlled temperature. 


The goods are shipped twice a week: on Tuesday for arrival Wednesday night in London, and on Friday, for delivery on Sunday night.


The pallets will be delivered at your facilities, if the courier can access with the truck and you are provided with a forklift.

Otherwise, the discharge will be done at the New Covent Garden Market and and then shipped it to you with our fleet (the price will be determined according to the distance)

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